class CustomStackTrace

template <typename T>
class paddle::CustomStackTrace

A ThreadLocal stack for tracing train/test process. (More details of ThreadLocal can be find in the comments of ThreadLocal class.)

For example.

paddle::CustomStackTrace<std::string> stack;
for (auto& layer : layers){

stack.pop("");  // mark under pop stage.

for (auto it = layers.rbegin(); it != layers.rend(); ++it){
  auto& layer = *it;

Public Types

typedef std::function<void(const std::thread::id&, bool *, const T&)> DumpCallback

DumpCallback Type. It will be invoked many times by dump method.

The first parameter is stack thread id. The second parameter is the last action of stack is push or not. The third parameter is the item in stack.

Public Functions

void pop(const T &item)

Pop out an item from the top of the stack if item == top. Else, just set status to popping.

void clear()

clear current thread stack.

bool empty() const

return true if all thread’s stack is empty.

true if empty

void dump(const DumpCallback &callback, bool onlyCurrentThread = false)

Dump all thread stack, and all stack will be cleared.

void push(const T &item)

Push item to current thread stack.